For many businesses in Nigeria, accepting payments online offers a host of benefits – enterprises within the country are witness to the positive impact of this service – the ability to easily access services of the business and the capacity to improve cash flow significantly is not something to take for granted.

In Nigeria, online payments have become a necessity because buyers often use the internet for speedy services due to far distances of most sale points. Payments are usually made with credit and debit cards nowadays in the Nigerian market – businesses without an online platform are slowly being choked out of the system.

As a  business entity, it’s one thing to conceive an online business idea, create the platform, market the service but how to receive payments online in Nigeria is something to tackle with utmost care.  Nigeria’s online payment is controlled by the banking system with major players like Zenith bank, GT bank, CitiBank and others ; card systems are also integral in the payment cycle of Nigeria with Mastercard, Visa and Verve having a strong hold on this way of carrying out transaction.

After observing the above and keeping in mind that these aren’t the only online payment systems in Nigeria but rather the most sound, a business hoping to accept online payments from the country might be startled at first sight on realising that this means incorporating with all the above – a feat that isn’t cost and time effective.

But on further scrutiny, Nigeria has a viable solution for businesses of all sizes in the form of DUSUPAY – with Dusupay, businesses can access all payment options in Nigeria under one platform, enabling them to :

  1. Receive payments from clients all over Nigeria through one platform irrespective of bank system or card payment alternative.
  2. Businesses avoid the tussles of having to join all online pay alternatives or having to set up very many physical branches in Nigeria – therefore saving costs and time.
  3. Costs of transaction with Dusupay are considerably low ensuring that businesses don’t have to spend a tonne on handling online payments.
  4. Last and most important, security is paramount ensuring that all businesses’ finances are free from fraud despite Nigeria having a considerable number of fraudulent dealers.

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