Understanding business is one thing and comprehending payments is another – when the two are brought together, it is important to know how to establish a right combination to ensure business transactions are timely without alienating the end user who actually pays for the services.

What DusuPay does is providingGRADE A” payment solutions : Connecting Africa to the rest of the world through streamlining the payment process for businesses dealing with Africa and those within the continent.

DusuPay provides infrastructure that global businesses can use to accept and make payments online in Africa. Whoever said that Africa isn’t familiar with the internet should think twice, the kind of integration that DusuPay provides makes a lot of sense for companies dealing across the continent.

Why not control all African Payments using one API, whether mobile wallet or online banking. Access the convenience and steer away from the long process of dealing with all payments separately.

Working with businesses of all types such as Betting companies, Money remittance companies, Forex companies, app development companies or literally any registered legal business that needs to accept payments from local modes of payment (Mobile money and bank accounts) and pay out to the same local modes.

As earlier stated, businesses should not neglect their end user who makes the payments therefore businesses should get paid however their clients choose to pay and DusuPay provides you with the avenue to do just that.

Accepted payment methods are Mobile money wallets from 18 countries all over Africa not forgetting the banks in some of Africa’s biggest economies.

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