The purchase of commodities, whether the kind that is luxurious or the basic essential type, has always been part and parcel of how man lives, the fact that no one can own everything and that tastes and preferences continuously change as well, is one of the basic reasons why people buy.

From the time when acquiring what you lacked meant engaging in barter trade to the current times of using currency and technology, one thing is for sure – shopping / purchase is as old as memory serves.

Online Shopping is undoubtedly a worldwide norm of life ; online platforms have crept into the fabric of all communities with Nigeria being no exception. The fact that Nigeria has a very large population means the demand for commodities is high and judging by the size of the West African nation, it is costly and impossible for some businesses to have shops all across Nigeria.

Shopping online has become very popular among the class that have embraced the internet and gadgets that facilitate it in Nigeria. The middle class have played a very important role in continuously setting the online shopping trend with a fast penetration rate that the middle class  are embracing.

Online shopping in Nigeria has steadily grown over the years, reaching up to 50% of the population that are depicted as either frequent or sporadic users of online shopping platforms.

It is important to note that the progress has had a number of setbacks as well, with some of these being : lack of financial inclusion, online literacy still not at its epitome, limited technology adoption in some areas, data or internet penetration barriers in some communities.

Online shopping platforms that are targeting the vast market of Nigeria have to take note that the country has various online banking systems coupled with card technology as their form of payment to facilitate these platforms.The issue of incorporating all the alternative payment platforms to suit the masses in Nigeria could be tedious and costly too.

A solution however lies in the midst of the innovation called DUSUPAY – with this innovation, shopping businesses are given the opportunity of receiving payments from the various online pay options from Nigeria. The online shopping sites can accept all payments from the people through one avenue that is Dusupay as it handles the pay options in Nigeria collecting all the finances and seamlessly avails them to the online shopping platform.

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