DUSUPAY services have been officially extended to Rwanda. The catch is that transactions in Rwanda can now seamlessly occur without any hindrances as they are powered by the services of Dusupay, any Rwandese business can now accept payments from all over Africa.

After integrating DUSUPAY on your website or creating your Dusupay account, any Rwandese business would be in position to accept payments from businesses all over the continent and in the UK that use bank related innovations such as debit cards (Visa, mastercard) and other online banking platforms.

The best bit about this new integration in Rwanda is that once payments have been accepted from the various online banking systems,  Dusupay pays out to the mode the businesses in Rwanda prefer (Mobile Money or through banks in Rwanda such as the Bank of Kigali.)

Therefore the worries of barriers between different payment systems across borders is an old tale. With DUSUPAY, business dealings got a whole lot easier.

 The full list of payment options is available here http://help.dusupay.com/dusupay-for-collections-accepting-payments/full-list-payments-alternatives-for-collections-on-dusupay

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