The Dusupay Octopus Package was built for pay outs. It is the ideal alternative for money remittance companies and businesses that make so many pay outs to Africa

Remittance companies need this package because – Rather than having multiple branches in Rwanda and across Africa – it is better to have one integration and pay out directly on their mobile money wallets or bank accounts through Dusupay.

In addition –

  1. Automatic conversion to local currencies
  2. Funds are paid out to clients mobile money wallets or bank accounts with charges only being effected on paying out.


Pay Outs services in Rwanda consist of MTN mobile money, Airtel money ,Tigo and banks such as Bank of Kigali, Equity bank Rwanda , Urwego Opportunity bank etc. Although there are quite a number of pay modes in Rwanda, MTN mobile money is the popular alternative that would best suit money remittance companies that hope to target more than half of Rwanda’s population.

With Dusupay, these remittance companies can fully utilise MTN mobile money to maximize their services.

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