Betting and Gaming is booming in Africa. The industry  is set to surpass any other continent by 2025. It is relevant that you position yourself as market leader right from the start. Here is what we propose to all betting companies extending to Africa.

“DusuPay wants to help Your Betting and Gaming Company Process payments from any part of the continent using the means the people on the Continent are used to paying with.”

What Betting companies Need to Know About Africa

  1. Africa is the mobile first economy. The way to Africa is through Mobile from USSD to payments the way your betting business can thrive in Africa is by tapping into Mobile.
  2. Africans don’t pay by Card. Everyone prefers Mobile money payments in Africa. By tapping into mobile money you automatically tap into Africa.
  3. Betting in Africa grew by over 20% last year alone.
  4. Africans prefer to get paid by Mobile money rather than Bank


Why Hundreds of Global multi-million Betting and  companies trust DusuPay for their African Payments

  1. Scale: DusuPay lets your business accept payments from multile Africa countries. With a wider extended footprint that any other company on the continent, we remove the
  2. Local Payment methods, Accessible globally: DusuPay thrives on customizing Gaming payments for Africa. We let the locals pay and get paid using the local payment alternatives
  3. Instant collections and Pay outs: All Collections and Pay outs done through DusuPay are instant
  4. Lowest Transaction costs.  Accept payments and pay out from as little as $0.5

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