In the current world, buying goods on the internet has become more of a habit than just a sporadic action. Shopping online has taken the internet literate world by storm ; moving miles to sale locations is no longer an issue – all one have to do is order online, choose an alternative mode of payment and the purchased products are then availed to the location of delivery within the shortest possible time.

Businesses in Cameroon have paid homage to the advancements that come with adopting an online presence. Companies with online platforms or those that partner with online shopping sites have multiplied their business activity threefold.

Cameroonians were originally skeptical of the idea of online shopping because platforms that came into the country initially did not understand the how payments work, often making the locals pay using card systems that were unfavourable therefore alienating the majority from the cause.

The payment transformation for online platforms

Once online shopping sites realised that the market needs to work with payments that Cameroon is used to, business started to boom.

Online platforms understood that mobile money is the convenient way to attract more people to access their services and with that, more people started to be drawn towards shopping online.

These shopping platforms have decided to allow payments to be made through MTN Cameroon despite not being directly connected to the mobile money service.

This is done through Dusupay whose aim is to streamline payments for businesses across Africa – Online shopping sites and businesses with an online presence use Dusupay to collect money from Cameroon’s mobile money which is then availed to the shopping and business sites on a pay mode convenient to them in minutes.