Cryptocurrencies are steadily being accepted by many people on the continent as a secure source of owning currency. In a number of African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, there is a semblance of digital currencies, primarily bitcoin, being bought at an ever increasing rate from day to day.

The significance of Cryptocurrencies in facilitating payments across borders is becoming a solid alternative for Africa due to the fact that it breaks currency barriers between nation’s borders and allows people to transact with ease online. Recent research shows that there are more than 1000 merchants accepting Bitcoin in South Africa alone, which is a massive step forward in embracing it as Africa’s next core currency.

Figures from GSMA clearly state that 50% of Africa’s population have mobile telephones, with the number of smartphones gradually growing by the day. Statistics depict that in the past two years, smartphone usage in the continent has doubled to reach 226 million.

What does this show

Africa has embraced the use of the internet meaning people can access any online services they need anywhere and at any time paying for it using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

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The challenge

Africa has many businesses, with many more venturing into this market on a constant basis, most of these businesses will be looking to reach out to as many people in the market as possible.

One of the ways to do so will be through ensuring they use the most convenient payment systems. Much as Africa is growing into cryptocurrency, mobile money and banking are still the core forms of pay meaning those that will want to transact using cryptocurrency will have to find a platform that can link their digital money to the pay modes Africa offers.


Dusupay links businesses hoping to transact using this form of money with recipients involved.

Dusupay provides the cryptocurrency owner with a way to access their digital money directly on their mobile wallet or through their bank and also pay out at will.

When a business incorporates with Dusupay, they can pay using cryptocurrency but still have the intended receiver getting the money through their mobile wallet or bank allowing them to transact with those that do not possess digital money as well.

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