Keeping your business running 24/7 and staying in touch with customers is one of the key aspects that many companies target when investing time and money in Rwanda. In the digital world, convenience and time consciousness are the difference in what would make or break a transaction between the business and the customer

Because of the above, Rwanda has adopted online payment methods to help break the barriers of distance and time – a nation that for so long lagged behind now embraces innovations that have boosted business and its economy at large.

Mobile money is the way to go in Rwanda for businesses to transact swiftly across the country. The fact that nearly 65% of people in the country own a basic mobile phone that can access mobile money has made this the go to payment option for businesses as compared to banks and card payment systems whose popularity is not as strong.

Rwanda has three major mobile money platforms controlled by ;

  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • Tigo

It is important for businesses to know their target market and adjust to suit it. Mobile money is the way to go when dealing with Rwanda.

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