Dusupay is live in Rwanda and has been so for months now as you read this. All companies and  businesses that have embraced the internet with an online presence can now transact with other businesses all over Africa and with clients they deal with in Rwanda.

 With Dusupay, Africa and the world at large can now accept payments from Rwanda and Pay out to Rwanda through MTN mobile money which is the core source for money movement in the country with a population of 12.1 million people.

 Similarly businesses in Rwanda can accept payments from all over Africa through Dusupay instantly under one seamless integration. Rwanda has also taken on mobile money through MTN as its main way to send and receive money since it controls up to 80% of the population that subscribe to the network.

 Businesses should understand why mobile money is big in Rwanda particularly MTN mobile money

  • 93%of adults have mobile money accounts.
  • 77% of adults in Rwanda have active mobile money accounts
  • 62% active mobile money accounts holders are located in rural areas, while 72% lived on less than $2.50 per day
  • 75% of active mobile money users pay bills through  their accounts

 Businesses in Rwanda and those looking to venture into Rwanda have Dusupay to thank for the financial simplicity they have availed regarding movement of money.

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