AfricaBetNow is now fully operational in Africa, merging two aspects that Africa loves ; sports and the opportunity to earn. For a long time, people in Africa searched for the most convenient of alternatives when it comes to how best they can bet with the best odds and the simplest of payment options.

AfricaBetNow  quickly acknowledged that payment systems such as Visa and mastercard don’t work well on the continent considering majority of the people do not even have bank accounts or want to get them for that matter due to the convenience of local mobile wallets.

Betting is a phenomenon that grown so quick which meant it was vital that AfricaBetNow tapped into the payment options that Africa chooses to use – Hence DusuPay.

DusuPay is the ideal payment gateway built for multi-million dollar corporations operating in Africa. It has helped AfricaBetNow integrate a wide variety of payment options to make it possible to seamlessly accept payments from various African countries to both mobile money wallets and bank accounts through one  API.

The Betting powerhouse is now processing millions of dollars weekly and is the go to betting company in many of the countries where it has operations.