Africa is not faced with a lot of civil conflict currently as the countries seem to be focussed on ways of growing themselves and engaging with the rest of the world rather than antagonising themselves into war – which is a good sign.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Africa was ravaged by war almost throughout the continent ; one of the reasons for this was the aftermath of colonialism ; with 90% of the countries recovering from the impact of the colonialists, most of whom were from Europe.

The wars were in various categories : with some having power struggles due to unplanned departure of their masters, some were engaged in civil, tribal and sectarian conflicts created by the differences of their colonial masters, others were involved in territory wrangles due to confusion in boundaries set up by previous authorities and there were those who were still engaged in the struggle of kicking out their exploitative foreign masters etc.

The above period was one of immense chaos for Africa, the adjustment was not a good time for Africa at all but necessary nonetheless – towards the end of the 20th century, the situation started to tone down a notch, majority of the wars were coming to an end and governments along with their people had started embarking on developing their countries to ensure they were in a better position than previously when under their colonial patrons and during the wars.

The coming of the 21st century was a dawn of hope for the continent, things started to change for the better socially, economically, politically, in terms of technology and other aspects of development. New fashions came into place, people started making more business innovations in their nations, there was a new tide of embracing democratic governance and last but not least, the adoption of the tech-era ; devices such as computers and mobile phones started becoming more rampant therefore boosting the communication process.

The new technological equipment led to the rise of innovations such as mobile money which greatly changed the way businesses transacted, each country possessed a mobile payment system that the people used to send and receive money all through their countries – save for a few that opted to desist and opt to boost their banking alternatives.

With time, foreign businesses started to see the potential that a growing Africa had – the rate at which foreign businesses were expanding to Africa greatly soared. However transacting with the locals proved to be a challenge due to the differences in how both parties were accustomed to sending and receiving money – Africa was accustomed to mobile money whereas the foreign businesses were used to online banking and the related card systems that were scarcely used in Africa.

For quite a while, a solution to this payment blockage was sought after but all in vain until the introduction of the DUSUPAY online platform that allowed foreign businesses to receive money from the popularly used mobile money in Africa provided they are incorporated with Dusupay which collects the payments from the array of mobile systems and enables the foreign companies receive money comfortably. The reverse is true as well in regard to the locals receiving pay on their mobile phones through Dusupay.

Africa stands to benefit from these economic advancements such as these that boost inter continental liaisons – having forsaken the ways of war – the potential for Africa’s growth is limitless due to innovations such as Dusupay that simplify money movement across Africa.

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