South Africa is among the countries that are leading by example for the rest of the continent in terms of social, economic, cultural and technological developments. When looking at development, many African nations look to South Africa as a reference of where they need to be in the years to come.

In terms of technological advancements, many have been put in place to facilitate and elevate business within the country and with stakeholders beyond South Africa’s borders.

The payment scope is one that has changed significantly – many businesses now prefer to handle their payments in an online nature. South Africa is one of the very few African countries that don’t have mobile money services but instead rely on a strong banking system to serve its constantly rising economy.

Online banking is how businesses prefer to transact in this country south of the continent, with businesses putting their trust in the online banking services of the likes of FNB, Capitec bank, Nedbank, ABSA and Standard bank to handle how they receive payments from clients across South Africa.

As a business, your aim is to make sure that your business attracts as many clients as possible so having your business on one under one bank might limit the number of customers that deal with you. On the other hand, dealing with all the banks might cause a lot of payment confusion for the clients willing to pay the business.

What do businesses in South Africa do when accepting payments across the country from the various banks

Businesses have opted for Dusupay – an online platform aimed at streamlining payment across Africa. With Dusupay, businesses can collect all the money from their customers on various online banking platforms and receive it through one avenue convenient for the business.

Hence saving time and pleasing their customers.