Africa’s online shopping realm presents exciting times for retailers to grow their businesses through connecting online. Africa’s online market is projected to hit $50 billion by 2018 provided the required tools to facilitate it continue to lure more Africans into what is still a young industry.

Africa’s online retail environment remains largely untapped considering that seven of the 10 fastest growing internet populations in the world are in Africa.

“Developing stronger and streamlined online retail platforms and offerings is necessary to unlock the full potential of e-commerce on the continent. Optimising the overall customer experience by guaranteeing safer and simpler payments means opening the online retail environment to greater numbers of African citizens,” as reported by Jumia’s Co-CEO.

One important aspect that e-commerce businesses need to comprehend is Africa’s payment scope. It is illogical for online businesses to expect the bulk of people in Africa to pay using card payments when mobile money is popularly used across the continent.

E-commerce platforms should also note that Africa has a numerous number of mobile money service providers such as Tigo, Vodafone,MTN, Airtel etc therefore incorporating payments through all the mobile services could prove to be tiresome and time consuming.

The e-commerce industry in Africa has been boosted by the innovations of Dusupay. E-commerce brands like kilimall have incorporated with Dusupay to help them collect payments from all mobile money services in African countries which they operate.

E-commerce in Africa has been simplified regardless of mobile money platform in Africa courtesy of Dusupay.