The internet penetration of Uganda has witnessed a steady growth and so has the number of smart devices such as personal computers and phones whose major role is to facilitate the use of the internet.  Uganda is one of Africa’s most optimistic groups when it comes to embracing the use of various online innovations.

Business in the East African nation as well has adopted the strategy of setting up online platforms that help them capture the digital market who depend on the internet for their information. Businesses now have websites, pages on social media sites and apps all in a bid to customize their services to appeal further to the Ugandan online market.

New businesses venturing into Uganda with an aim of setting up online avenues where they can sell their products need to put into consideration one crucial aspect i.e How best to collect payments from clients that access their products on the internet.

Uganda has a host of payment alternatives that the locals use to pay for services – people no longer want to move up and about in search of products that they can get through a simple click online. The country is dominated by the use of mobile wallets to pay for services and products provided by online establishments ; with MTN and Airtel money being the biggest mobile money services in the country.  In addition, a small portion of the populace chooses to use online banking and the related card payment systems to pay these e-businesses.

The question on every e- entrepreneur would be, “How do I get my online business to collect payments from the mobile wallets, banks and card systems in Uganda at once?”

It is possible for an e-business platform to integrate with all the above separately when dealing in Uganda but the time spent and cost of integration is a big hustle that can be avoided.

Instead of going through all the above processes, e-businesses can simply integrate with DusuPay to enable them collect payments in Uganda from the various forms of pay that people choose to use.

DusuPay aims at smoothing the process of collecting payments in Uganda and Africa at large by encouraging online businesses to create merchant accounts on the DusuPay platform and let DusuPay do the rest – giving businesses the ability to collect payments made from mobile wallets, cards and banks in Uganda conveniently through one quick secure avenue.