Kenya boasts the largest GDP in East and Central Africa, so sending money to Nairobi or Mombasa doesn’t need to be so complicated. Whatever mode of transfer from any given destination, the basis of comparison is always convenience at the lowest transfer fees and exchange rates of the many options available.

Many among Kenya’s population of close to 50 million people often receive money from their loved ones and associates that live abroad for one reason or the other.

Kenya has a considerable number of remittance businesses that carry out money transfer but the biggest challenge is that most relate with banks in Kenya. Much as banks have served the community of Kenya relatively well but they aren’t the most popular form of receiving money in Kenya.

Mpesa has widely considered the most viable option for people in Kenya because it covers a larger scope of the population i.e more people have Mpesa accounts than they have bank accounts.

How can remittance companies tap into Kenya’s widely used Mpesa

Dusupay enables remittance companies to reach out to Kenya’s public through their Mpesa. Money from abroad is delivered instantly to the phones of Kenyans.

This is a plus because remittance companies do not have to set up stalls all over Kenya but rather pay out through Dusupay which then directs the money onto the customers’ Mpesa accounts.

Cost saving and convenient for remittance companies dealing in Kenya.