The betting business is spreading like a wildfire on the continent of Africa.

One would not be wrong to say that betting has become if not the main job a second job to the youth of Africa providing that the African market is considered the fastest emerging betting market as people from all avenues of life engage in betting

Statistics from South Africa show that half of the adult population of South Africa engage in betting.

 The payments system is scattered with each country having its own modes of payments most of whom are connected with the telecommunication networks in the respective country for example  m-pesa in Kenya accounts 43% of the country’s GDP is transferred from 31% in just a year   and MTN mobile money and Airtel money in Uganda which is embarrassed by 53% of the total population of Ugandans hitting a record transaction of 32.5 trillion  hence posing a big challenge for the betting companies since their is luck of uniform means of payments.

DUSUPAY   presents a solution through our easy online payment mode that cuts across all of Africa that can be great improvement to the betting companies by ensuring that clients bet from the comfort of their areas and the company does not have to go through the trouble of incorporating in  all the areas where they have clients hence they have to just avail their clients with odd and other information and await the payments to be handled by us.

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