There is no question that Rwandese love sports – particularly football. In most parts of the country, clubs have commercialized this popular sport, and it is a common sight to see most of these clubs themed after popular football giants from around the world.

Betting companies have capitalized on the football fever in the country, and have implemented betting platforms where fans can wager small bets and win big amounts of money.

The various categories fans can bet on include correct scores, total goals, both teams to score, first team to score, and first goal scorer. Currently, the most popular bet category is total score whereby they predict the outcome of the entire football game.

Rwandese have indeed fallen in love with betting. Why? The answer is simple – betting is a lot of fun and you have a massive opportunity to make good money. Every better in Rwanda has a story to tell about his or her own personal experience with the odds of the bookmakers. While some applaud few sports betting firms for their reliability, others have their complaints.

It is very unfair to talk about betting in Rwanda and not talk about mobile money especially in regards to payments as it the most embraced mode of payment due to its convenience and the fact that almost everyone owns a mobile phone.

  • 43% of adults in Rwanda now have mobile money accounts.
  • At least 75% of adults in Rwanda own at least one mobile phone  that is actively used to access mobile services which include mobile money as well.

The link between Rwanda’s mobile money and betting companies

Dusupay is an absolute solution to the problem of accepting and paying out to the various winners on their mobile phones and collecting payments through mobile money on behalf of the betting company saving it from having to set up multiple branches.

On top of collecting payments and paying out, Dusupay puts emphasis on security and swift transfers thus ensuring that betting companies need not worry about fraudulent moves and issues of time.

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