Africa might still be considered as a poverty stricken geographical zone having up to 40 percent of its people under the poverty line but the formerly referred to “dark continent” is fast emerging as one of the most promising and lucrative markets for sports betting, a sign that things are changing for the better.

Technology came with more than a handful of innovations to ease the way Africans lived their lives. Narrowing it down to two aspects that have totally changed Africa’s business and betting tidal wave are : Mobile money and the presence of online transaction platforms.

The mere fact that people don’t have to move distances to access certain services but instead use their internet enabled devices to do the same at the comfort of their homes shows massive strides from what Africa used to be.

The Betting industry hasn’t been left behind in this regard, setting up many online platforms worldwide and seeing many of these said online betting sites come to Africa as well. The biggest contradiction however is that the world chose to ride the banking and card payment tide, Africa didn’t buy much into it and opted for the more simplistic Mobile Money. For a while this caused quite a stir since the card payments and mobile money were digitally incompatible.

Many solutions have come up for this conundrum over the years but a lot have presented a handful of procedures that continued to irk betting customers ; DUSUPAY changed the general outlook of how Africans bet online. With a simple click of the DUSUPAY Application Programming Interface embedded on the websites of betting companies, customers can simply pay out for the bets placed regardless of the mobile payment system used in their country and the card system of the betting companies.

The Benefits :

  •  Timesaving
  •  Cost and resource efficient
  •  Convenienceguaranteed for all that love to bet in the comfort of their respective locations.
  •  Reducesthe hustle of switching from a payment system one is normally accustomed to.
  •  Bettingcompanies receive their payments through one avenue despite the numerous mobile pay systems across Africa.

With Dusupay, money movement between Betting companies and their clients all over Africa being a problem is a story of old.

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