It only costs a euro or less to bet on average across Africa, which means gambling is no longer preserved for the rich. Many people have now caught up with the trend that is betting in Africa especially when it comes to football.

Cameroon is among many countries in Africa that are witnessing huge expansions in sports betting and other forms of gambling. Lotteries, poker, soccer bets, slot machines, casino games, and online gambling is the new trend from whom numerous betting companies are minting millions.

Cameroon’s payments as compared to those of the UK and Europe

Payments in the UK and Europe are mostly automated through the banks – the firm banking systems enable people to make payments online through the sophisticated banks. As well, the payment scope is complimented by various card systems that play a big role in how people in Europe and UK make payments for services.

Cameroon on the other hand relies on the services of mobile money as the core payment alternative in the land. Cameroon has banks as well, that do a considerable job for the economy but don’t carry as much impact as mobile money spearheaded by MTN.

WHY – this is quite simply because banks have long procedures with paper work that irks people from joining them whereas mobile money provides convenience due to the fact that it is accessible anywhere and everywhere in the country provided one owns a basic mobile phone.

Betting companies venturing into Cameroon from Europe and UK should do the following –

  • Dusupay is Cameroon’s alternative for businesses that venture into the country but aren’t familiar with mobile money.
  • Dusupay allows Betting businesses to collect payments from Cameroon without the companies having to set up physical stalls on ground.
  • It also enables the customers to pay to businesses using means they are used to thus attracting more clients for the business due to its convenience.
  • Swift transactions and cost cutting for the betting companies.