Social economic advancements have taken course in many aspects of Africa’s livelihood and sports is no exception to the trend. African sports lovers are turning to sports betting as yet another form of keeping tabs with teams they love while earning from the phenomenon at the same time.

Sports betting and other forms of gambling are becoming a popular way of life in Africa. Wagering amounts of money over which sports team might win has become a multi-million dollar industry. By 2022, the global gambling market could be worth $635 billion (596 billion euros) and Africa is projected to play a big part of this as it is largely untapped in the sector yet the people show growing interest in it. Information in detail

The most important question for a betting company with intentions of venturing into Africa is “ How will we be able to collect money from customers willing to place bets? ”  – this is because when you compare Africa’s payment modes to the rest of the world, you will find a clear distinction in how things are done.

Africa’s 54 countries are 80% dominated by mobile money as the most efficient form of paying out and accepting payments with banking and card systems coming in at a distant second in few of the countries.

Betting companies have to understand that Africa deals through mobile money – it makes better business logic to engage the market basing on what they use rather than pulling them into payment systems highly unpopular in the region.

What is the best alternative for betting businesses wanting to deal with Africa?

Dusupay ( assists betting companies to seamlessly accept payments from all over Africa. This is done through integrating with all local payment modes on the continent so that no matter where the payment is coming from, the betting company’s client can easily accept funds coming in and pay out using Dusupay’s platform.

Dusupay is an already established ally of international betting companies such as