When one travels to Ghana and engages with the locals over the best possible modes of receiving payments and paying out ; the first words that will be retaliated in response will most likely be Mobile money.

Ghana has embraced the use of mobile payment services for some good time as it appeals to the majority of the people with its simplicity due to the fact that more than half the population own at least one mobile phone each as compared to a bank account.

Mobile money as the name states is controlled by the telecom companies in the country i.e MTN mobile money, Airtel money and Tigo who have diligently served the masses’ money handling needs.

Businesses venturing into the market stand a higher chance of succeeding in Ghana if they choose to use mobile money rather than forcing the people to adopt card payment systems that many are not familiar with since most people do not even have bank accounts.

The upside for all this is businesses do not have to incorporate directly with mobile money in Ghana as well, all they have to do is use the services of Dusupay which has the ability of collecting funds from clients on all three mobile money platforms across Ghana .

Then What next ?

Dusupay then delivers the money to the business all at once to the mode of payment that the business uses.

In this way, the business accepts payments from its clients without breaking a sweat on issues of collecting payment from multiple mobile money modes in Ghana.