Regardless of what business you are dealing in or what industry you partake in, it is not enough to just set up shop and wait for clients to come to you. The business strategy mentioned above is such an outdated model that companies that have stayed rigid find themselves clutching on straws for survival while the “new school” businesses flourish.

Internet : the public secret of growing your business while spending less

Many businesses have embraced the internet and its related business tools that have been used to carry out effective marketing, continuous selling and convenient payment for clients.

In this day and age, purchases are made from across the world with payments issued as simply and quickly as a click.

More and more Tanzanian businesses are going online with the globalization of eCommerce and the fact that the internet usage of Tanzania is at 82% with over 23 million people using the internet in Tanzania.

With Online presence comes the need to make payments for Goods and services through online pay platforms.

The payment scope of Africa has evolved differently all over Africa. The most popular way to pay in Tanzania is through their various mobile money wallets. Tanzania uses Tigo Pesa, Vodacom Mpesa and Airtel Money.

In this day and age, businesses should think global – clients for your business could be in anywhere in the world. So when choosing a payments partner you need to choose one that covers you regardless of where demand comes from.

Dusupay does exactly that – providing a dynamic platform that your clients all over Africa can use to pay directly to your website regardless of the payment modes they use.


Competitive advantage of using DusuPay

  • DusuPay avails localized payment alternatives in over 10 countries making it possible for your company to scale over Africa with one partner.
  • DusuPay helps you analyze your payments data helping you better understand business on a global scale.
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