DUSUPAY, Africa’s primary solution to partnering businesses and bridging payment differences all over the continent, is now live in Rwanda.

Businesses can access payments directly on their websites by incorporating the DUSUPAY icon on the website as an option by which people can pay. The Application Programming Interface by DUSUPAY is embedded on the company’s website that enables clients to pay through the website and also pay out similarly using the API.

On the API made, a variety of pay options are presented that can suit the company’s customers to ease payments from different pay modes.

Through this, business sufficiently occurs therefore easing transactions for businesses in Rwanda’s.

To get Started accepting payments on your Website

  • Create a DusuPay account
  • After setup and approval Create a merchant account upon login or click the link Here
  • Follow the procedure and Fill in the relevant details including the Business details
  •  Then fill in the Approval form Here
  •  Make the Payment for the subscription using any of the available options
  • Note that Approval takes anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 business days depending on the payment options required.

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