For companies aiming to invest and transact across Africa, it is important to put into perspective how payments will be made for the services offered. It is key to know how a business will receive payments within Africa – mobile money is the dominant way of moving money in Africa with banks coming in at a distant second for the minority who still crave their convenience.

Most businesses venturing in Africa have to deal with the very many payment modes (mobile wallets, banks and cards) that Africa has, each with its on set of bureaucratic procedures. This can take months to be done, which time lost means loss of money for businesses.

Luckily, companies in Africa are getting familiar with the online payments more and more each day – new innovations have come up that simplify the whole payment structure for businesses.

DusuPay has established that businesses venturing into Africa need not tussle with all the payments on the continent by themselves – all they have to do is have an online presence where they can have a payment solution directly integrated on their website to assist in collecting payments across all mobile and bank modes depending on the country.  

When a business integrates with Dusupay, they can incorporate the DusuPay icon on their website bringing all payment modes available to customers that are paying.

Using the Application Program Interface (API), clients will be able to pay to the business through the company website from the convenience of their various pay modes therefore easing the way businesses collect payments on the African continent.

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