Business in Africa has changed, companies now deal across boarders with many countries trading beyond their geographical borders in a range of products and services. This is because payments over long distances are no longer a headache – in this day and age, payment is as simple as a single click and the business receives their money in no time.

Important to note however is that online payments in Africa are segmented by geographical boundaries with majority using mobile wallets that aren’t usually the same in every country depending on what networks are in that particular country and how the authorities run the economies in question.

Cameroon chooses to pay for its products and services through mobile wallets with MTN mobile money commanding a huge chunk of the economy and how money is transferred.

How businesses easily accept payments from Cameroon DusuPay : a streamlined payment system that eases the process of money movement across the continent for businesses has simplified the way companies can accept payments from clients in Cameroon.

A faster way for businesses to deal with MTN and other mobile wallets in the country while avoiding the stress of  bureaucracy therefore enabling payments to be made from Cameroon for global businesses without the worry of integrating with mobile wallets.

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