Mobile online payments in Nigeria haven’t had such a firm placement in Nigeria as compared to its neighbours and counterparts i.e Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya etc. Africa in general is a mobile money driven economy but contrary to the trend, Nigeria focussed on strengthening its banking system to ensure that the economy’s money is handled through the local card systems (Mastercard, Visacard, Verve) supplemented by online banking.

Nigeria has programmed its businesses to transact with the people through the banking system because it is what the masses are accustomed to.

When dealing with clients from other parts of Africa that mostly use mobile money and aren’t conversant with the local card payment systems, businesses in Nigeria have chosen to integrate with Dusupay.

Why Dusupay

Dusupay offers companies the ability to accept payments through their integrations from clients in other parts of Africa outside Nigeria.

Dusupay brings together payments from clients on mobile money across Africa ensuring that businesses receive their money without having to be on a different country’s mobile payment mode.

The business receives its money on their banking platform in Nigeria without having to directly deal with its clients mobile money that is non existent in Nigeria.

Dusupay simplifying business transactions across Africa.

Accepting payments in Nigeria –