The amount of distance involved and time spent has always been key to the success of business transactions. Money movement often caused quite a headache over long distances often crippling transactions that had to be made in between far areas.

In current times, people have understood how essential these two factors are hence the birth of a number of innovations to facilitate them.

Mobile money is one innovation that has greatly boosted the success rate of business transactions on the African continent. In Cameroon, MTN and Orange money have played an integral part in business transactions.

Africa however has many mobile money systems with most differing per country, which raises a question for all to ponder – “ How do businesses in Cameroon transact across borders with the difference in mobile money and other payment modes ? ” 

Business from Cameroon that cut across borders to trade with one another in a range of products and services have handled the geographical payment distinctions by integrating with Dusupay.

DUSUPAY, through its streamlined payment system brings together on one platform all mobile money payment alternatives from African countries. What they do is play the intermediary role between businesses and their clients all over the continent therefore enabling payments in Cameroon from across Africa irrespective of the difference in payment modes that the businesses use.

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