DusuPay is an online payments platform that provides the fastest, most secure, efficient infrastructure to process payments globally with Africa.

DusuPay understands the dynamics of how money transfer in Africa works and has made it a goal to ensure that businesses dealing with Africa are able to go about their businesses as conveniently as possible.

Companies using DusuPay can transact across different payment modes ; allowing them to make payments and collections from bank controlled economies e.g South Africa and Nigeria, but as well have access to the mobile wallets in majority of Africa.

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In a nutshell, this is what your business can do with DusuPay :

  • Collect money from countries across Africa regardless of the different payment modes received all under one platform.
  • Pay out to your business’s clients and other companies across Africa without having to worry about the difference in payment modes.
  • Allows convenience for your clients ; they don’t have to switch from payment modes comfortable for them.
  • Companies across the world can make collections from Africa and payments to the continent.