Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa estimated at 490 billion dollars in nominal GDP producing over 500 billion dollars yearly. It also possesses an equally big payment system to handle the colossal money in circulation in its economy. Payment modes in Nigeria constitute cash, cheques and the more convenient online payment alternatives that is the focus of this read.

      Financial institutions issue debit cards allowing people to transact at point of sales where the service is available. MasterCard has proven to be most efficient among this brand usurping the previously popular Interswitch and Visa cards. On the downside however, half of all issued cards are discovered to to be inactive.

Mobile services are also a payment alternative in Nigeria through feats like the mobile banking service that most banks offer which enables customers to constantly monitor their accounts and transact on phone as they wish.

As useful as these various options are, the numerous number of them brings about a contradiction for business people when choosing what pay alternative to use in accepting money. the very many modes bring about a problem of how to accept payments especially when businesses use different payment modes.

DusuPay links the above payment types that businesses and customers use therefore enabling them to work together whatever payment mode they prefer knowing that the barrier has been broken by the Dusupay services handling all the processes in between the companies and their clients or other businesses on different modes and ensuring money is conveniently.