The increase in technology and internet penetration in Africa means that the continent is now more aware than ever about what happens around the world. With that said, the betting market is now  booming in Africa – expanding faster than any other market in the world.

It is no doubt that Rwanda is a country passionate about sports, with the FIFA world cup just a few days away, Rwanda’s online betting platforms are projected to be busier than usual.

Sports in Rwanda are now a commercial aspect that passionate fans can now earn from.


DusuPay allows Global Betting companies to collect payments through mobile money regardless of where the company might be situated in the world.

The development of mobile money changes everything for your betting business. Your betting business can instantly collect funds from clients and pay out to to the same mobile money accounts without having to set up branches across Africa.

DusuPay is already working with some market leaders powering how they accept payments and paying out to winners across Africa

Africabet is one among the many major brands that chose to use DusuPay in Rwanda – it is only logical for other global brands to follow suit when it comes to how the rest have chosen to handle their money transfer in Rwanda.

Why DusuPay makes sense for betting companies expanding operations to Rwanda and Africa in general :-

  1. No need to set up multiple branches – It saves them the cost of having to set up multiple branches across Africa. With One integration, the  business can accept payments from clients in Africa using whatever local modes of payment they are accustomed to paying with, in the respective countries
  2. Instant payouts – With DusuPay, forget your customers having to wait 3-5 days for their payouts. All pay outs whether to bank or mobile money wallets are instant. This increases the customer usage and retention
  3. Cost cutting – cheaper cost per transaction doesn’t exceed $0.5 in some countries most of the time.

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