Uganda is one of Africa’s testaments to what mobile money has done for business in Africa. A country that originally depended on the banking system for its money handling and movement needs but was often disappointed due to long queues and long hours the money would take to be delivered, often slowing down transactions and some even turning out unsuccessful.

Changing business tides

Ever since the introduction of mobile money in the East African country, business owners have forgotten the worries of their past. The mobile transfer service controlled by telecom big names ; MTN and Airtel has brought what people have always yearned for :-

  • Swift money movement across the country instantly
  • Convenience for the citizen regardless of whether they are rich or poor as long as they own a mobile phone
  • Simple, quick automated services as compared to how they used to deal with banks

Mobile money has influenced the way business is done in Uganda to the extent that banks have created bank to mobile money integrations just to tap into what the people are more comfortable with.

Businesses with intentions of venturing into Uganda should note that Airtel money and MTN mobile money are the best way to accept payments from their customers and at the same time attract more clients due to the convenience of their payment scheme.

Businesses coming from outside Uganda – Businesses from regions with different payment systems from those that Uganda possesses have resorted to integrating with Dusupay .

Dusupay aims at streamlining business across the continent because they understand Africa’s payment scope. Dusupay enables companies that want to accept payments from Uganda but aren’t well versed with its mobile money by being the link i.e collecting money for the business and availing it to the business on its familiar payment modes.

Whether a business is using Nigeria’s card systems (Verve, Mastercard etc), Kenya’s Mpesa, Tanzania’s Tigo, South Africa’s online banking etc – with Dusupay, that business has the advantage to easily carry on its operations in Uganda.