MTN  Cameroon is the leading mobile payment service provider in Cameroon availing money transfer services for businesses transacting with clients across the country through the  convenience of their mobile phones.

With mobile payments, businesses in Cameroon have been able to reach a wider market for their services due to the simple fact that these companies finally understood that to deal with a wider range of people ; mobile money is the answer.

Why Cameroon prefers mobile money to other forms of payment : –

  • More than half of the people in Cameroon own at least one mobile phone meaning it is easier to access than bank systems.
  • Mobile money is convenient due to easy access in even the most remote areas as compared to bank services.
  • It is simple, swift and user friendly for all.
  • It is secure and trustworthy.

More than half of businesses functioning in Cameroon have a mobile money platform on which to accept payments from clients clearly showing the stance of the nation as regards mobile money.

Businesses in Cameroon when dealing with clients in other parts of Africa

Cameroon doesn’t only have business transactions within its borders but with the rest of Africa as well.

Accepting payments in this case is similar in that it remains under mobile money, the difference though is mobile money service providers differ per country.

Cameroon’s solution to the difference in mobile money providers

Dusupay is the online platform used by businesses in Cameroon to accept payments when dealing with clients from other parts of Africa.

Why Dusupay

Dusupay understands that mobile money is not just a payment mode but a lifestyle in Africa.

Dusupay helps businesses from Cameroon swiftly transact and accept payments from other African countries through linking mobile money platforms over different countries.

Dusupay collects the funds from the various African countries and avails it to businesses in Cameroon on their prefered mobile money platforms.


MTN Mobile Money Cameroon