Africa has 54 different countries with over 45 different currencies. By crypto currency definition, this is the Gold Mine for the crypto currency companies. Africa needs to be unified currency-wise and we believe the only way this can be done is through crypto currencies.

Crypto currency companies have for a very long time mis-understood Africa. Truth be told is: The only way crypto currency companies can thrive in Africa is by creating avenues through which users on the continent can easily buy crypto’s and liquidate them to local currencies.

The only way this can be done is by making it possible for the people in Africa to pay or get paid easier using the means they are accustomed to when paying for and liquidating any for of crypto currency. Look at it this way, the same way companies let individuals but cryptos like bitcoin using cards and liquidate to banks is the same way they should let people in Africa buy using mobile money and other payment options they are used to.

We have seen companies like bitpesa process millions of dollars worth of payments by simply tapping into how Africa Pays online. As a crypto currency company we recommend you replicate this when expanding your business to Africa