We live in an age driven by the digital space where businesses, transactions, activities and interactions happen in the virtual world but still yield as much or even more financial benefit as the normal physical business. Ever since Africa embraced the internet, there has been an emergence of new social media, online platforms for business hence the birth of the e-commerce craze.

Originally when people wanted to access or purchase a commodity, the only way was to move the entire distance to get in touch with the business in question. Today however, everything is one click or one tap away depending on whether you are using PC or smartphone.

Businesses have all adjusted strategy and opened up online platforms for services they provide and commodities they deal in. Using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, businesses are taking full advantage of the digital space to reap big ; sometimes even foregoing having a physical locations to cut rent costs that seem unnecessary.

When dealing with Africa, e-commerce platforms and businesses using the online presence should know that payment habits in Africa differ from what they are accustomed to in other continents.

Payment habits of e-commerce in Africa

The digital market of Africa has been dominated by mobile wallets i.e in more than 85% of the continent’s nations, the mobile networks control how money moves in the economy by the majority.

It is also important to note that Africa has many mobile wallets, different across all the countries therefore e-commerce platforms would need to derive means to cut across their demand coming from all over the continent.

Africa’s best payment alternative tailored for e-commerce

E-commerce businesses dealing with Africa have chosen to handle their payments through DusuPay because of the variety of payment options that it provides for the clients of these businesses on top of security and convenience provided.

Through DusuPay, an e-commerce platform can receive payments through the many mobile wallets that African countries have while not neglecting the bank payment alternatives in countries like Nigeria and South Africa that choose to stick to using their banking systems therefore allowing a business to provide convenience of pay for all its clients.

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