The e-commerce market in Nigeria is valued at $13 billion (N4.5trl) – with innovations that the world has sprung to life, people have found it easier to go about their day to day activities, some of which include ease in purchasing commodities and paying for services.

In these modern times, ordering for something is just as simple as a click for the transaction to occur and delivery to take place in the shortest time possible. Nigeria is a very large country of over 180 million people that are in demand of various products. This in turn makes it an ideal opportunity for e-commerce platforms to exploit the demand in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a large nation and not every person is close to these products but all are in need of these necessities hence the need for e-commerce platforms to ensure that purchases are made online. 

E-commerce establishments need to understand that banks are what Nigeria is accustomed to, using its online banking and card systems as the core form of moving money. Most dominant among the card systems are MasterCard, Verve and Visa Card which are the payment avenues that online businesses have to deal with when tackling Nigeria.

How can e-commerce platforms working in Nigeria accept payments from all the card systems and banks in the economy?

Dealing with all on a separate basis can be a very big hustle for e-commerce platforms ; time, costs incurred and the stress of having to deal with separate payments.

Why go through all that when you can pay using a unified platform that brings all payment alternatives together under one seamless payment option.

DusuPay enables e-commerce platforms to receive payments through one avenue for orders made on their sites.

Regardless of what card or bank system is used in Nigeria, online business platforms can accept payments through one seamless mode of pay therefore easing payment collection for e-commerce in Nigeria.

How DusuPay eases E-commerce