Betting is no longer just a side hobby but a lifestyle for many in Africa, specifically Kenya. Majority of Kenya’s population is under the age of 30. An age bracket that s staunchly drawn towards betting.

Global businesses would be interested in the kind of numbers that Kenya commands in regards to betting in Sub Saharan Africa.

More than half of Kenya’s youth have and continue to engage in betting, standing at a lofty 76 percent as compared to Uganda and Ghana who follow at 57 and 42 percent respectively. Research also shows that Kenyans spend a lot when it comes to betting – it is observed to be at an average of KSHS 5000 (50$) monthly per person.

How do Kenyans like to pay for services

Kenya and Mpesa are one as a lifestyle – being the nations prime payment go to method despite a few other modes that move money as well but not with the kind of volumes that Mpesa does.

International betting companies hoping to tap into Kenya’s betting demand should know  hungry Kenyan market,  it is key to know ;

  • Kenyans find online payment modes more convenient due to the fact that one can make a payment for bets anywhere and at any time.
  • It is easier to attract people to pay using Mpesa instead of insisting on banks and card systems that are not as popular.
  • Global betting sites that aren’t familiar with Mpesa are advised to incorporate with Dusupay to bridge the payment gap.

How does Dusupay help bridge the gap between betting companies’ card systems and Kenya’s Mpesa to enable fruitful transactions

Dusupay helps global betting businesses venturing in Kenya to collect payments under one platform without necessarily being on Mpesa.

With Dusupay, betting companies can accept payments from clients in Kenya using their Mpesa and still receive the money on payment modes they are familiar with i.e card systems. Thus giving global betting companies an avenue to rip big from the Kenyan betting market.