When planning to visit Africa, it is hard to mention a number of destinations on the continent without Kenya coming up. Bookings and payments for accommodation online are essential due to the diversity in payment habits that need to work together at some point.

Visitors coming from outside Africa need not assume that online transactions run through the same payment avenues globally which is not the case when comparing Africa with the rest of the world.

For those visiting Kenya, It is immensely disappointing to find that payment modes a client uses are not compatible with Kenya’s system. This is because Kenya’s online payments haved been popularised by Mpesa in stark contrast with visitors that use bank card systems.

Much as their bank cards might be useful in some instances, accessing and booking for various programs might prove to be a challenge because Mpesa is not only a payment system in Kenya but a way of life.

Mpesa is used by at least 65% of the population and is estimated that to move not less than $12.7 billion on mobile phones within the last 6 months by Kenyans. These landmark facts have left hotels in Kenya with no choice but to use Mpesa.

How then can hotels in Kenya accept payments from visitors that might not be using Mpesa?

Through DUSUPAY, Hotels can attract even more clients to make bookings with them in Kenya. Hotels in Kenya that deal with a global cliente base use Dusupay to ensure that they ccan collect money from clients all across the sphere regardless of payment style.

The payment for a hotels bookings are simply collected by Dusupay from whatever payment type used by their customers and the funds are then availed to the hotel on its Mpesa.

Hence Promoting convenience and streamlining a hotel companies’ payments therefore easing business for the hotels. 

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