More and more sports enthusiasts in Ghana are seeking to rip big out of sports betting as the industry continues to expand all over the country. In Ghana, there is a positive stance depicting a huge expansion in all forms of betting such as lotteries, poker, sport bets, slot machines, casino games, and online gambling which have become a “get money quick” trend.

Why would International Betting companies extend their resources to Ghana and Africa :

Sports betting and other forms of gambling are becoming a phenomenon across Africa. This has morphed into a multi-million dollar industry, and in countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa by 2022 ; the global betting market could be worth upto $635 billion (596 billion euros) : according to new findings by Dublin-based Research and Markets. – Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this.

Things to understand about Ghana’s Payment :

  • Ghana’s money movement is handled majorly by Mobile money throughout the economy.
  •  MobileMoney is controlled by the telecommunication companies in Ghana with MTN , TIGO and Airtel money as the Major players.
  •  Banksare existent but not widely used therefore a business joining the market aiming at capturing the masses should logically resort to the mobile money avenue.

International businesses are usually not aware of mobile money since it is virtually an alien concept to them ; so how will they be able to receive payments on bets placed??

DUSUPAY is Ghana’s number one avenue of connecting local payment alternatives with those of countries outside Africa.

International Betting companies are now free to extend to Africa knowing that DUSUPAY will handle the money movement challenge, thus enabling Ghana’s mobile money platforms to easily connect and allow pay outs to modes convenient to the International betting power houses.

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