The Kenyan population is one of the largest among users of the online payment alternative.  Boasting a count of over 47 million people,businesses in the nation have flourished in carrying out their day to day transactions in this broad market and much credit is accorded to the impact that online payment modes have put to grow these dealings. Naturally businesses aim to expand, and with an almost fully conquered Kenyan populace, entrepreneurs are looking beyond these boundaries for the next business adventure as they set sights on going Africa wide and for some even globally.

With new ambitions comes bigger challenges, the popular online pay modes that conveniently facilitate the whole of Africa have a short coming in the face of a jumbled online payment system as the continent possesses numerous alternative modes and each country using a different one. This brings about a clash when trying to reach various clients outside Kenya and when transacting across the continent which bars business from happening or at least halting transactions till a suitable solution is found and in this case a lot of valuable time is wasted when trying to find this common ground hence slowing down business dealings.

This challenge has been tackled through Dusupay offering businesses a life line by helping bridge these various gaps that obstruct Kenyan enterprises across Africa and this is done through adding the Application Programming Software (API) to the business’ website enabling these businesses to incorporate the Dusupay button as an option to their website for clients all over the continent to access, they are then able to click and select from the many online payment modes that Dusupay has the capacity to connect them to therefore giving the option of simply paying directly on the company’s website presenting the ability to accept payments from all corners as Dusupay deals with the pay modes leaving the business to focus on service provision to its clients saving time and resources that would have otherwise been used in joining all these modes.

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