More than 250 million people live outside their countries of birth and most of them have the obligation of sending money back home every once in a while, a phenomenon common for those from Africa.

Originally, money remittance companies were the go to solution for sending money back to Africa from overseas but however it possessed the challenge of being quite inconvenient due to limited outlets to receive money and the high charges incurred in sending the money; the sender would find themselves restricted to send less so as to accommodate the hefty charges of the cycle.

In the years that followed, mobile money took Africa by storm with convenience in operation and more importantly cheap charges. Peoples hopes in moving money beyond borders was revived knowing they had the ability to send money to their loved ones at lower costs and at the convenience of the mobile money service suitable for the intended receiver
The question at hand however is, “how can one get to send money from overseas where mobile money doesn’t exist to Africa where it is literally a household hit?”

DUSUPAY puts this conundrum to rest by bridging the gap between money remittance companies and mobile money services in Africa. DUSUPAY links the money remittance companies to the various mobile money options by integrating the option of sending using mobile money on the platforms of the remittance businesses which enables the sender using remittance services to opt for a mobile money wallet convenient for the receiver irrespective of location therefore solving the contradiction of remittance companies and mobile money services.

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