How money remittance companies can send money to Kenya effectively ?


The barrier between remittance businesses dealing with people abroad and the intended recipients in Africa is the different forms of payment / moving money. Findig a medium that could work conveniently for both parties involved was always a hard but to crack.

This situation has many a time given remittance companies sleepless nights on how to find a balance between the two sets of markets that they serve. Despite the difference on how Africa chooses to move money, the continent can’t be ignored simply due to the fact that it has a large demand that requires such services. A remittance business that skips Africa, misses out on a lot of money as the industry moves volumes in billions of dollars on the continent.

Kenya is one of the biggest recipients of remittance from the diaspora and fellow African countries. The East African nation uses Mpesa as its main form of money transfer within the economy and has witnessed immense convenience from the use of this mobile wallet. Money remittance businesses that send money to Kenya don’t use Mpesa where they collect money from which means that they have a challenge to deal with different pay modes.

How best can they handle this conundrum

DusuPay helps smoothen the process of remittance in Africa as it services global businesses dealing on the continent. Understanding the difference in how these global brands operate as compared to how Africa wants to pay and receive money is what sets DusuPay apart from the rest.

DusuPay enables remittances to be paid out using mobile wallets which in the case of Kenya is Mpesa. Therefore remittance businesses that serve Kenya have their work simplified since they can now pay out to recipients on their Mpesa.

This means that remittance companies need not stress about the difference in pay or the extra costs involved.