Shopping online was once looked at as a flashy form of lifestyle that is reserved for the snobbish, a few years down the road and the once ridiculed way of shopping is now essential for most if not all growing economies.

The coming of technology in Africa along with emphasis on just how vital the internet is led people to communicate and transact online which in turn pushed more businesses to have online platforms.

People in Africa can now buy any material, commodity, gadget they choose at their convenience no matter the distance. Initially, the biggest issue with online shopping transactions was that businesses that had such platforms offered alien payment platforms that Africans didn’t use.

Finding the right payment solution is key when setting up a platform that deals with the African market. Mobile money is what sets the trend in more than half of Africa’s economies although each country has different mobile money service providers bar some that are the same across borders.

Cameroon online merchants and how they can transact Africa wide

After reading the above, it is important to note that one has to be incorporated with mobile money to enable them accept payments from clients all over Africa.

But with the many mobile money options, this would be costly and time consuming.


Fortunately with this online platform, online merchants from Cameroon can accept payments from all clients on the continent without being on their mobile money platforms.

Dusupay collects for you the merchant all its money from different pay modes including banks as well and pays the merchant on their preffered payment alternative thus saving them high costs and time.

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