Tanzania brags one of the fastest growing economies in East and Central Africa especially under the new government of President Magufuli. Sending money is one of the aspects of the country that has developed – more and more transfer services are leaning towards convenience, speedy transfer and the lowest transfer fees making it possible for all to adopt new ways of moving money.

Tanzania is no stranger to receiving money from abroad, whether it is from neighboring nations or from outside Africa, the people often receive money from beyond their borders and are usually in search of the best way to carry out the remittance.

A good number of remittance businesses serve Tanzania, delivering money whenever there is need. These remittance companies have had to understand that Tanzania’s locals rely a lot on mobile wallets to move money back and forth.

Much as banks are available in the country, they aren’t as renown as the mobile wallets ( Tigo Pesa, Airtel money and Vodacom Pesa ) that over 65% of the populace subscribe to.

Remittance businesses are advised to tailor their services to enable the locals to receive money on their mobile wallets so as to ensure that they command the largest share of the market due to convenience.

How best can remittance companies link with mobile wallets in Tanzania

With DusuPay, remittance companies can reach majority of Tanzania’s locals with ease on their preferred mobile wallets. Money from abroad is delivered instantly to the recipient’s phone.

The Perks

  • Remittance companies do not have to set up physical stalls.
  • They get to avoid the lag in time of delivery that most banks have.
  • More demand for their services due to the fact that people love convenience.
  • Reduced costs of delivery
  • Speedy transfers

All they have to do is rely on DusuPay to do their pay outs.