There is a new wave that hit the money remittance space. People are quickly ditching banks and traditional money transfer services and  adopting faster and cheaper ways of transferring money across the world. We have seen a more than 300% rise in the people that use online money transfer.

Whereas clients turn to online money transfer services like SendValu to transfer funds, money remittance companies rely on our services to disburse funds. DusuPay is now processing pay outs for over 60 money remittance companies powering pay outs to both mobile money wallets and Bank accounts in Africa.

SendValu relies on dusupay to pay out funds all across Africa. With DusuPay, SendValu can pay out to.

Here is the full list of countries the DusuPay platform currently pays out to and the mode of delivery of funds

  1. Nigeria. All payments are done to Bank accounts and funds are delivered to bank accounts instantly. Advisable maximum per transaction is 750,000 Naira. Market share 100%
  2. Kenya. Mode of delivery is Mobile money Safaricom MPESA. Pay outs are instant. maximum deposit per transaction is 70,000 KES
  3. Cameroon. Mode of delivery, Mobile money. Available mobile money wallets MTN mobile money is live and Orange money is going live on 15th June 2017
  4. Rwanda. Mode of delivery, mobile money. MTN mobile money
  5. Uganda. Mode of delivery Mobile money. Available for MTN mobile money and airtel money. Maximum limit is 5,000,000 UGX for Airtel and 4,000,000 Ugx for Mtn. All pay outs are instant
  6. Ghana. Active mobile money wallets are Airtel, MTN and Tigo. Market  Share 100%
  7. Tanzania: Pay outs are done to Mobile money wallets. Available wallets are Tigo PESA, Vodafone MPESA and Airtel money. All pay outs are instant
  8. South Africa: All bank accounts and
  9. Kenya Bank accounts
  10. Ghana Bank accounts

This has made the sendvalu service more effective in every way.



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