Cryptocurrency is now a big deal in Africa, earn more, save and spend your money digitally through the internet mined currency ; less bulk and the ability to pay out whenever and wherever upon the owner’s convenience is a key aspect in the modern times.

The advancement of online payment modes has swayed users in Nigeria to take digital currencies more seriously – undoubtedly a solution to further ease Nigeria’s payments for the future and propel increased economic development. Nigeria has started emulating World economic powerhouses such as Japan who accepted Bitcoin as a legal currency in April as a payment method.

Why legalize cryptocurrency

  • Its ability to resist wild inflation, devaluation, import policies, currency fixing and corrupt banks.
  • Cryptocurrency is a true floating currency whose value is determined by demand and supply.

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The case for Nigeria’s banking system vis-a-vis cryptocurrencies

With the ever increasing number of mobile and internet users, business online is the way to go. Nigeria is lucky to have a relatively good banking system where online payments are possible through institutions such as Zenith bank, Citibank, Access bank which are the core along with card payment systems such as Mastercard, Verve and Visacard.

The goal is to combine the use of cryptocurrency with Nigeria’s online card systems and the question would be  – how can a crypto owner use his digital money on Nigeria’s card systems to transact with businesses ?

Dusupay live in Nigeria

Dusupay boosts functionality of businesses in Nigeria through connecting online clients with their businesses where the clients can now purchase using their cryptocurrency and businesses receive payments through the cards.

Dusupay bridges the transactions by ensuring that the digital money of the customers can be converted and received by businesses instantly on their card payment systems and vice versa when businesses are paying out to clients.

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