In Recent years, there has been a drastic rise in interest in immigration and how it impacts remittances to be specific. Due to shortage of opportunities back home, with those that are available providing very frustrating remunerations, people have chosen to go and work overseas.

This surge in migration has led to an increase in money sent home to the respective countries of origin which has directly impacted on volumes of remittances received by African families, communities and states.

Facts In Numbers – 16 million international migrants originate from Sub-Saharan Africa alone and remittance flows have been depicted to grow at a steady pace in the last few years as people choose to work abroad and send money home for those left behind.

These projections have led to an increase in money transfer operators or remittance companies dealing with Africa as the vast continent continues to yearn their services. The welcoming of technology and the internet on the continent has pushed for even more convenience when it comes to how remittances are sent and received.

The Internet influencing remittance on African soil

Every single day, there are new innovations put in place to smoothen the process of how money transfer companies can serve the locals. The diaspora has chosen banks and their related cards as a means of money movement whereas Africa relies on mobile wallets for its convenience in having cash lite pay outs made to recipients.

With this in mind, remittance companies have resorted to adjust their services to paying out on mobile wallets to ensure that they benefit fully from the multi million dollar industry that is remittance in Africa.

How remittance companies have synced with mobile wallets to effect payouts?

There are many alternatives that these companies could use but the best in the business have allied with DusuPay to effect payments for their clients on their mobile wallets. Understanding that DusuPay has taken its time to master the continent’s payment habits is key.

This allowed money transfer companies to sit back and let all their payments go through DusuPay, who in turn pay out to the clients’ mobile money wallets therefore enabling every party  to provide services in the simplest of ways.

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