US Senator, Thomas Carper was quoted saying – “Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.” showing the kind of impact the cryptocurrencies have gained since their inception.

The convenience of “digital money” is steadily capturing the attention of more people, so much that today, cryptocurrencies have become quite the global phenomenon.

Africa’s initial challenge with cryptocurrencies

The problem with crypto money revolves around the numerous digital currencies in the space, some being fraudulent while a number are legitimate bringing about confusion ; it is very important to do ample research on the cryptocurrency of choice before investing in it. The commonly known options are bitcoin, namecoin, peercoin and litecoin.

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On top of which, Africa has very many payment alternatives that make compatibility and change of cryptocurrency to tangible money a very hard venture.

Africa’s solution

How to pay with cryptocurrency
Businesses can opt to pay for services online using cryptocurrency provided the payment option is available on the business’ website but also through the use of integrations such as DUSUPAY

Businesses need to understand how they can :-

  • Purchase these cryptocurrencies
  • Send and receive these cryptocurrencies
  • Withdraw this digital money if need be (from banks and mobile wallets)

Dusupay links businesses hoping to withdraw their cryptocurrency or transact using this form of money with the necessary recipients involved in the process.

Dusupay provides the cryptocurrency owner with a way to access their digital money directly on their mobile wallet or through their bank and also pay out at will – when a business incorporates Dusupay, they can pay using cryptocurrency but the intended receiver can receive the money on their mobile wallet or bank. African businesses can now embrace crypto finance with ease.