How to use mobile money to transfer money around Africa effectively


Money transfer in Africa for businesses is a dynamic that has undergone constant change from nation to nation. The continent is categorically placed in a way that the authorities determine the payments habit of a given economy.

Online money transfer alternatives

Countries such as South Africa and Nigeria who boast some of the biggest economies in Africa have well established banking systems that enable them conduct online money transfer between businesses and clients too whereas many other dominant economies on the continent have tilted towards mobile generated payments through mobile money.


Mobile money is a telecom controlled cash-less payment option that allows people to send and receive money on their phones – and with recent technological advancements, people use their mobile money accounts to save money or claim loans which is a step forward in Africa’s financial technology.


 The impact of mobile money

The fact that even the most average of human beings can afford a mobile phone has made mobile money the most popular payment alternative. Regardless of whether one has internet or not, they are able to access their mobile wallets and transact when they wish. Africa has over 60% of the continent having mobile money accounts with dominant countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania having over 70% of their adult population using mobile money.


The force of mobile money has been felt even in different money sectors ; banks now have a provision that syncs one’s bank account with their mobile money wallet which has simplified the transfer of money from banks to mobile phone and vice versa.

The African mobile money hiccup

Much as mobile money has caused a positive storm of opportunity for businesses and individuals alike, the challenge facing money transfer in Africa using mobile money comes from the fact that countries that use mobile money have different mobile service providers which makes it hard or costly to send across mobile wallet platforms.


This had frustrated smooth money movement processes for quite a while – however, innovations have come up bridging the gap between different mobile money platforms in various countries or better yet between banks and mobile services in different African nations.


Platforms like DusuPay allow businesses to send and receive money from anywhere on the continent whether using banks or mobile money to send – the plus side is they guarantee security of the funds and timely arrival. People now have their own provision to send and receive money on an individual basis with the arrival of the new DusuPay personal sending/receiving interface.

Online money transfer in Africa is a problem of the past as it continues to get even better – Find out more.