Not many events have the power to bring people together as much as the world cup does – Africa is one of those continents where time sits still when the game is on. Regardless of whether it is an African team playing or not, Africa loves the world cup.

Things have changed ever since the last world cup, Africa’s internet penetration has continued to grow along with technology to facilitate its full use to the passionate bunch.

Africans no longer watch soccer for the sake of it, but to keep tabs on their favorite teams on which they place bets in order to earn from something they love. The popularity of betting in Africa has skyrocketed during this world cup season with many of the betting companies engaging more with locals. The average Nigerian now places two to three bets a day because of the world cup as compared to the initial one ; this trend is expected to carry on with the new club football season starting in August.

World cup and betting in Africa – how the top betting brands have done it

Africa has very many betting businesses running in given countries among the 54 but the top companies have remained at the summit through acknowledging a few steps. Brands such as AfricaBetNow and 1XBet have stayed top because of these few pointers ;

  • Understanding that Africa has 54 countries, each possessing different payment habits in their own way.
  • Realizing that setting of physical betting kiosks is outdated and unnecessarily expensive.
  • Knowing that online platforms and payments are the way to go.
  • Planning what countries they will focus on and finding a solution for the difference in payments.
  • Using a payment service providers that understand the African payment scope and can ensure that people make payments conveniently regardless of where they are.

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Betting companies dealing in multiple countries across Africa have chosen DusuPay because they get to receive payments from anywhere in Africa regardless of payment mode. These companies realized that there is no need to worry about the nitty gritties involved since all is covered by DusuPay, Africa’s biggest payment service provider.

Have a look at how Africa Bet Now eased the process of accepting payments for its clients through DusuPay